Pinot Protector

A Rubber for Your Wine

When that bottle is just too much, make the responsible choice and slip on a Pinot Protector. These bottle condoms act like a traditional wine stopper or cork, sealing your bottle to prevent “accidents” and preserve quality until you’re ready to enjoy it again. These wine accessories are a great novelty gift for men and women, sure to elicit a snort, chuckle, and blush from the assembled crowd. Spice up your next White Elephant Christmas gift exchange or wedding with a box of Pinot Protectors.

Unlike their look alikes, Pinot Protectors are reusable. Simply rinse with warm water and allow to air dry. Also unlike their look alikes, Pinot Protectors are intended ONLY for bottles; don’t get any funny ideas. Besides, they’re sized to fit the rather small neck of a wine bottle…

Hilarious and Functional Gift

Accidents happen, but practicing safe, precautionary steps can decrease the likelihood of those unplanned events. Enter: Pinot Protector, nitrile bottle stoppers for wine lovers. Pinot Protector creates an airtight seal on your bottle to prevent accidental spillage and keep dirt and sand out of your beverage the next time you’re out camping or relaxing at the beach.

A Gift They’ll Love to Use

Pinot Protector is one of those rare, delightful items that people just can’t get enough of. Recipients will collapse in uproarious laughter when they open the wrapping to find this little treasure inside, and friends and family will compete to secure it at White Elephant gift exchanges. It’s a hilarious gift for nearly any celebration, from Father’s Day and Mother’s Day to birthdays and weddings.

  • Gold, PG Humor Packaging
  • Gold, Raunchy Packaging
  • Red, Raunchy Packaging
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