Anywho Drinking Card Game

Get ready for a night to remember … maybe. It really depends on how quickly you’re able to discern your assigned identity from your friends’ clues. In Anywho, every player is assigned an identity, which their friends write on the bottom of their glass. Every time a player drinks, the others can see their secret identity. The drinker gets to ask one question from a question card every time they drink. Questions range from the mundane to the absurd, with cards categorized as basic, career, personality, or wildcards. Using your friends’ clues, you must uncover your secret identity! Get it wrong and take another drink! First person to guess their identity three times wins! (whatever that means). Seriously, who loses when you’re drinking with friends?


  • 54 Card Game Deck
  • 25 Vinyl Clings for Glasses
  • 1 Chalk Markers

It’s Time to Get Back to Basics

Take an evening away from the screen and make some memories with the people around you. Anywho is a laugh-out-loud adult card game that mixes mystery with alcohol. Each player is secretly assigned the identity of a historical or contemporary figure by their friends, which is then written on the bottom of your glass. The goal: learn your secret identity by reading question cards to your friends and using their answers to unmask yourself. The catch: every time you read a question card, you take a drink!

No phones allowed! You’ve got to use your beautiful Big Betty brain for this mystery. It’s a great way to break the ice for couples’ nights, college parties, or a bachelorette party. Fun and affordable, Anywho puts the focus on you and your friends instead of a screen to make the best memories.

Guess Who

Anywho is easy to learn and a riot to play, both of which are important when drinking is involved. This one of a kind game will challenge and delight connoisseurs of the in-vogue and history buffs alike with witty questions and clues as they try to unmask themselves. Everyone knows your secret identity but you, and there’s only one way for you to find out: drink. With every drink, you get to ask a question and hear a clue.

Life is Better with Friends

Gather your squad to play Anywho at a cozy night in or take the game with you to your favorite bar for a crazy night out. The outlandish question prompts are sure to elicit plenty of laughs and make for a memorable time.

  • Card Game
  • Stemless Glasses
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